Natural Wool Mattress

Sleep is good for your health!
Sleeping on a good mattress means healing it!

This is what drives us, as the wool mattress is an essential piece of bedding to get the sleep you deserve. Everything is designed custom-made and handmade with its unsuspected benefits amining at the best possible sleep.

Introduction to the natural mattress using wool

Imagine a mattress that is at the same time organic, natural, sustainable, ethical, recyclable, ecological, chemical free, made by hand and, above all, adapted to your preferred sleeping experience.

Le Briand workshops have done it. This is the synergy of all these dimensions that makes our product unique.

It’s more than a mattress. It’s a matchless sleep experience.

We’re a mattress manufacturer with a difference: we don’t just make or remake mattresses, we advise and share our experience in an individualized, personalized approach to get as close as possible to what you need.

The mattress is linked to a moment (sleep) and a space (the bedroom) that are sufficiently precious in our lives not to be neglected.


Everything possible is done to achieve our goal : a good night sleep . As the mattress plays an essential role in the sleeping experience, going custom-made become even more relevant.

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Why choosing a Le Briand wool mattress. Here’s an exhaustive list of its benefits that are sure to please you. Our skilled artisans have sublimated them by refining their techniques and processes.

Why a wool mattress


Often disparaged, our wool mattresses are the subject of many queries. That is normal when something is new or unknown. We’re here to answer all your questions about the manufacture and refurbishment of our products.

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The ancient sheep wool mattress is your companion for life and all your life. The durability of its qualities makes it an object whose initial investment is appreciated over the long term. The price is forgotten, but the quality remains.

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Only verified customer reviews of the Le Briand antique wool mattress. Over 200,000 sleepers have tested and adopted it before you. They share their experiences to help you make your choice.

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Thanks to regular refurbishments (rather than buying a new one), the benefits and virtues of an antique sheep’s wool mattress last for over 50 years if it has been made to the highest standards. It can’t be thrown away, it can be remade.

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Thanks to our experience and knowledge as a French mattress manufacturer, we are able to offer a complete and unique finished product, created with the exacting standards and precision demanded by the importance of sleep.

Le Briand natural mattress using wool is tailor-made for an optimum sleeping experience.

It is made in France throughout the entire production chain, from the acquisition of raw materials to the manufacturing phases. This mattress is 100% Made In France.

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It’s eco-friendly, for a healthy resting place to help clean up our interiors.

It’s all good for the planet, with an everyday object that boasts a relatively low carbon footprint when you consider the entire life cycle of an antique wool mattress.

Opting for such a mattress allows us to contribute, in our humble way, to the development of a responsible, circular, solidarity-based and local economy.

We think of the bed as a whole. The bed frame and the mattress work together.

All mattress-foundation combinations are possible and can be justified depending on the desired sleeping experience.

All types of bed frame can be combined with the Le Briand wool mattress.

The sleeping experience is simply different, depending on the comfort characteristics of each piece of bedding.

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We’ve taken care of everything right up to the end of its life.

If you don’t want to repair it, we offer a mattress recycling program.

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