Natural wool mattress making

In search of the most direct link between a man’s hand and his brain

Thanks to century-old know-how, we design an essential piece of bedding to help you sleep ever more comfortably: the sheep’s wool mattress.

To explore the world of pure wool box spring mattresses and their benefits, we offer several options:

Driven by altruistic commitments in the service of an ever more complete and restorative sleep, we manufacture handmade, made-to-measure sheep’s wool mattresses in France, adapted to the desires, needs and specific requirements of each of our customers:

  1. The finest organic and natural materials from France
  2. Handcrafting focused on the well-being of the sleeper
  3. Made to measure products
  4. Leadtime
  5. Wool mattress prices
  6. Customer Reviews
  7. Delivery
  8. Get an estimate

All the reasons to sleep on a Le Briand natural wool mattress

Sleeping comfort first and foremost

The mattress adapts to your sleeping profile, not the other way around.

The extraordinary powers of wool for sleep

Wool provides both springiness and softness.

A long-term investment

The initial financial effort get converted into long-term savings.

Why Le Briand wool mattresses?


You know what goes into your mattress.

Sleep naturally with healthy, ecological, organic materials, made exclusively in France

Our mattresses are handcrafted from organic, natural, eco-friendy and recyclable French materials.



The main materials used in antique wool mattresses are :

All Le Briand mattress components are manufactured and processed in France.

These are quality materials without chemical or synthetic industrial components that are not altered by successive processing steps.

2 composition options are available:

  1. 100% sheep’s wool
  2. a blend of sheep’s wool and horsehair

Depending on requirements, the filling of the antique wool mattress varies to create a tailor-made product.

Le Briand mattress continues the tradition, so you can be sure that what you’re buying has been made with materials, techniques and gestures that have stood the test of time.

In addition to sourcing products that respect the well-being of the sleeper, the entire production cycle, from handcrafting to delivery, is by essence eco-friendly and Made In France.

Made in France

You know the astisans who make your mattress.

With comfort in mind, uniquely made par customer.

We produce upholstered mattresses authentically by hand, using the finest craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation in order to produce a product that meets the sleeper’s need for ever more comfortable sleep.

The manufacturer of a box spring mattress has a duty to help consumers make the right choice:

  • by asking the right questions
  • by listening to your needs
  • taking into account possible constraints

At Les ateliers Le Briand, we take the time needed to define the specifications so that we can design a mattress that’s good for your health, first time.

It’s also our job to support you and to pass on to you the experience and knowledge of a mattress manufacturer.

Once we’re convinced that the bedding solution is right for you, we start designing sheep’s wool mattresses using processes and techniques that are unique to our company.

Find out all the steps involved in the artisanal manufacture of a handmade & made-to-measure pure wool upholstered mattress on our platform of advice and practical guides.

All Le Briand production is carried out in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine workshops in Paris, France. Stop by to find out more.

To find out everything there is to know about making a Le Briand wool mattress, we’re sharing the frequently asked questions that many of you have asked and may be asking yourself.


Crafting a unique object.

A made-to-order process in order to combine comfort and style.

Thanks to our made-to-order process, the mattress is customized to suit your needs, not only in terms of comfort, but also in terms of aesthetics!

We adapt to all sleeper profiles.

While following traditional methods, hand-crafted, made-to-measure, single-unit production allows for a few stylistic eccentricities as well as customization of mattress features according to the customer’s comfort preferences, morphology and aesthetic tastes.

Without neglecting comfort, we aim to meet the most diverse requirements:

  • mattress size
  • mattress firmness
  • mattress support
  • mattress reception
  • style and type of fabric envelope
  • product decor
  • mattress shape
  • with or without bulges

To find out more about the range of possibilities, take a look at our projects, always designed with well-being in mind.

8 easy questions to get straight to the point.

Guide you to the information we need to help you estimate your project.

Get an estimate for your mattress

Lead time

Lead time
2 to 4 weeks

We can adapt if you have time constraints. Don’t hesitate to share them with us.

As we discuss the production process in advance, we’ll be able to estimate the lead time.

It’s important to know when you’ll be equipped to sleep better.

The lead time varies according to :

  • the confirmed orders
  • the current workshop workload
  • the complexity of what is to produce
  • the final destination of the mattress

Thanks to a direct, local and short supply chain, the acquisition of materials has less impact on our lead times.

If you have time constraints, we invite you to share them with us so that we can do our best.

Deadlines in the bedding industry

Contrary to the brands’ race for immediacy, there’s no quality logic to going faster and faster in the home bedding sector.

A mattress has incompressible manufacturing rules that are incompatible with 24-hour quality production.

We’ve waited a few years for a new mattress, so we can wait a few weeks for a cozy night’s sleep.

Le Briand made-to-measure wool mattress

Sheep’s wool mattress prices

Price is forgotten, quality remains.

We want to be fair and just.

Our prices are positioned to serve the widest possible customer base, thanks to :

  • a fair price
  • a fine-tuned price for made-to-measure garments
  • a “face” purchase price to be assessed by considering the mattress’s usage price

Prices vary according to the complexity of the item.

Finally, we’ve listed a few price references for a sheep’s wool mattress, so you can get an order of magnitude for your budget.

When it comes to price

It’s perfectly normal to take the time to add depth of field.

We’re fully aware of the budget impact of such a choice of mattress.

Allow us then to offer a few points of perspective on the prize:

⚡Youcan pay in inst alments (free of charge).

⚡We invite you to read our full assessment of the objective qualities of such a mattress.

⚡Price is forgotten, quality remains.

Reviews on the Le Briand wool mattress

Get to know the strengths of the Le Briand wool mattress is a good thing. And it’s even better when they’re confirmed by the sleepers who’ve done it.

In your quest for a mattress that suits your comfort, don’t hesitate to browse wool mattress reviews by those who have already taken the plunge.

If any doubts remain, we invite you to read some fresh perspectives on the alleged disadvantages of wool mattresses.

Le Briand wool mattress delivery

After careful work, we accompany you until delivery of the new mattress.

Depending on the final destination, we adapt :

  • if possible, we like to deliver the wool mattresses ourselves!
  • For customers further away, we use a forwarding agent.
  • If you prefer, you can also come directly to the workshops to pick up your order.

To continue exploring the natural, French, handcrafted upholstered mattress

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A mattress for life

We also repair old wool mattresses.

We recommend refurbishing a wool mattress every 8 to 12 years of daily use (depending on storage conditions).

Reconstituting an upholstered mattress can be done during the day, provided the room is uncomplicated. We therefore invite you to contact us beforehand to agree on a time for refurbishment (depending in particular on workshop activity), so that you don’t have to find a temporary sleeping solution.

Bed set

We think of the bed as a whole, with each part working in concert. That’s why we make custom box spr ings for complete synergy.

In addition to upholstered mattresses, we also make other custom bedding and decorative items, following the same principles:

Accompanying you

We invite you to explore our information guides about traditional bedding items such as box spring mattresses, box springs, headboards and footboards: