Bed Fabrics

Discover our collection of mattress and box spring fabrics

The ticking is the envelope of the mattress and box spring that is in direct contact with the outside. It is the “skin” of the wool mattress. This fabric envelope helps hold the trim in place.

The choice of ticking is essentially a question of aesthetics, but not only… It is also used to partially identify the mattress reception area.

Cotton and linen
Soft, comfortable materials suitable for bedding.

100% natural
They contain no VOCs or harmful substances. Free from health toxins.

100% woven in Europe
Our coutils are woven in the Vosges region or in Europe.

Porous materials ventilate air around the body, keeping perspiration and moisture away

Its suppleness allows it to follow the body’s movements smoothly.

Tough & durable
Strong against friction and physical stress. Easy to maintain.

Our quilt collection is in line with our commitment to respect the sleeper and the environment, with the same guiding principle: sleep more comfortably than ever.

Our “classic” coutils

Above 👇 you’ll find our “classic” coutil patterns.
Our bedding fabrics are either pure cotton or half linen half cotton.

According to your wishes

We also have other models (vanilla, sanité, colored, etc.). So don’t hesitate to let us know what you’re looking for, and take advantage of our entire collection of fabrics for your mattress, bench or headboard.

But as you’ll see from our projects, the choice of coutil is by no means limited to these models.

We also adapt and work with other fabrics outside our collection, provided of course that they meet the comfort and durability criteria of a fabric for what you’re looking to achieve.

We can quickly diagnose the selected canvas before production. Depending on the use of the mattress (bench or bed), the choice of fabric also varies.

If there’s something you still don’t like, we’re not short of ideas:

  • If you prefer linen, we can use a fabric called Bisone, which is a half-linen, half-cotton blend.
  • If you’re looking for a special fabric (pure linen, for example), we can help you buy a wide-width canvas (i.e. at least 170 wide). We do this regularly and it goes very well. In this case, it’s impossible to give you the extra cost until you’ve made your choice of textile.

Last but not least, ticking is relatively unimportant, as wool mattresses are usually covered with bed linen or a cover that conceals the mattress fabric.

Finally, we must not lose sight of the fact that shape, size, seat height, reception, support, rebound or suspension, thermal insulation, humidity regulation, mobility of the mattress’s sleeping surface are the most critical bed characteristics for an even more restful sleep.