Committed principles

In keeping with tradition, Le Briand mattress makers produce and refurbish natural wool mattresses and box springs according to certain guidelines.

These fundamental principles have enabled Le Briand, manufacturer of wool mattresses and box springs, to perpetuate a know-how that is offered to all types of customers (individuals or professionals) who appreciate the comfort and aesthetics of our production.

Comfort first

The comfort of our products is at the heart of Le Briand know-how and manufacturing, because bedding directly affects our customers’ health.

We do everything in our power to ensure optimum sleeping comfort. This involves :

Comfort first and foremost! Because quality bedding is one of the prerequisites for a good night’s sleep. Along with diet and exercise, sleep is one of the 3 pillars of good health.

Sleep quality is therefore essential for a healthy life. Numerous studies have highlighted this correlation.

Traditional bedding meets health requirements by offering all the benefits of quality sleep.

For example, bedding plays an important role in preventing back pain.

More generally, traditional bedding offers cozy comfort.

Wool mattresses offer benefits that are often overlooked. Here are a few examples:

  • the wool of a mattress gives way under the weight of the sleeper, like memory foam, and returns immediately when the sleeper moves.
  • mattress wool offers significantly better thermal insulation than all other bedding materials. As a result, the sleeper will feel warm in winter and cool in summer.
  • wool plays a hygrometric regulation role in the bed: sleepers’ sweat is absorbed during the night and released into the atmosphere during the day. As a result, even at very high outside temperatures, the sleeper never has the sensation of having his bed wet with his own sweat.

The difficulty in my job is to get the customer to talk to me to find out how he sleeps: on his side with wide hips, for example, you need a good wedge. It’s a very intimate object!

Patrice Sébille, manager of Le Briand workshops

To help you make the right decisions, we’ve also designed information guides on traditional bedding, based on the know-how and experience we’ve acquired over the years:

A well-cared-for, long-lasting finished product

The quality of the finished product is ensured by :

  • century-old expertise
  • meticulous selection of the best raw materials producers
  • a relationship of trust with our suppliers
  • bespoke, hand-crafted manufacturing that values the intelligence of the hand

The keys to the longevity of our products are clear.

The manufacturing and finishing operations are strictly controlled to ensure that the work is meticulous, and its quality is verified by a final inspection before it is presented to the customer. And if a defect has crept into one of our parts, we’re there to remedy it.

The attention paid to quality and the longevity of traditional bedding mean that the pieces that leave our workshops will last for decades , with regular refurbishments:

If a product can last so long and retain so many of its virtues and qualities, the initial investment can be put into perspective.

The intelligence of the hand

With both hands, thread and needles, the result is extremely effective.

Our techniques the intelligence of the hand. It’s a technological way of thinking that

It’s an accumulation of experience.

We share what we know.

It minimizes the effort and expenditure of energy, including muscular energy, to achieve a result.

It’s a way of thinking that has refined in its effectiveness over time.

Good value for money?

Our prices allow the widest possible range of budgets to afford this essential everyday item for a healthy life.

It all depends on how much you’re willing to invest, and hopefully bedding can be a priority.

Our prices meet two requirements:

  • the right price
  • good value for money in terms of benefits and actual product purchase costs

When you consider the benefits and virtues of a carefully-crafted, made-to-measure, natural finished product, as well as the price of using such bedding in relation to its life expectancy, the value for money of sleeping well can be appreciated.

To be complete in a price comparison between the different bedding alternatives and thus lead to an accurate evaluation of each, we have detailed new perspectives in response to the questions you usually ask about prices:

While the purchase of traditional bedding is financially harder on the budget, this effort is transformed into savings in view of its longevity and virtues.

Patrice Sébille, manager of Le Briand workshops

Noble, natural and recyclable materials from France

The Le Briand workshops control the entire production chain, including the supply of raw materials.

We use almost exclusively noble and natural materials:

  • pure new wool
  • flax tow
  • pure cotton ticking
  • solid wood
  • animal hair
  • hemp rope

By controlling our supply chain, we can guarantee that we do not use any product that could pose a health risk to our customers, neighbors or suppliers.

These materials contain no industrial synthetic components.

Our production chain is 100% French, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing.

We rely on suppliers belonging to the French industry to offer products that are 100% made in France.

Find out how Le Briand’s mattress-makers are committed to making French assets shine.

Respecting the environment and people

Our know-how and the materials we use are perfectly in line with the definition of sustainable development.

When you choose Le Briand, the manufacturer of wool mattresses and box springs, you can be sure that your bedding will havea limited carbon footprint thanks to :

  • Wool is extracted with respect for animal welfare, in harmony with the natural cycle of this living creature.
  • All-natural, non-polluting materials, with no industrial synthetic components
  • The vast majority of finished products are recyclable
  • A 100% French production chain: from raw materials to final assembly
  • Traditional know-how: handmade production
  • Handcrafted production: low energy consumption because only a few operations are mechanical
  • A short-circuit economy

The entire value chain (from design to delivery) of natural, ecological and French bedding generates a minimum of negative externalities for the environment and people.

We participate in our own way in the essential challenges of modern society:

  • eliminate anything that would aggravate global warming
  • strictly limit environmental pollution.

That’s why we never resort to chemicals or use products that could pose a health risk.

These principles, made possible by our traditional know-how, reduce the amount of waste produced and our energy consumption to the bare minimum.

As a result, we and our customers can proudly boast a particularly low carbon footprint.

Our actions demonstrate our workshops’ commitment to contemporary issues.

Last but not least, a natural wool mattress and/or box spring can also offer other benefits:

  • supporting the local economy
  • promoting national craftsmanship
  • resistance to consumerism and programmed obsolescence

Finally, in a society where consumerism is increasingly exacerbated, traditional bedding offers products that last over the long term to curb overconsumption and break with the logic of programmed obsolescence so damaging to the environment.

The impact of our products and services is also societal and environmental, which makes us even prouder of the work we’ve accomplished.

The social impact of our expertise

Equipping yourself with natural, ecological, sustainable, ethical, traditional and French bedding is a socially responsible choice.

It’s an act of purchasing that benefits the French economy, helping to support a national craftsman by consuming locally.

This craft is part of French culture and contributes to France’s influence.

In the same way as industry and agriculture, preserving this fabric of craftsmen and women means we can continue to control our production effort, which is France’s strength in a fiercely competitive world!

Discover how the Le Briand workshops are committed to creating objects in harmony with nature.