100% made in France

When a traditional technology is reviving what the French craftmanship has best to offer.

Why made in France

Comfort first
French mattresses and box springs have proven their excellence.

Supporting the entire value chain
Trickle down value for a movement that benefits all players in the chain.

No intermediaries
Go direct with a French bedding manufacturer who knows what they’re offering.

Short circuits are part of a virtuous circle for the economy and the planet.

You know what you’re sleeping on like a trusted ingediant.

Another way to revitalize French industrial excellence.

French bedding is not only good for the national economy, it’s also good for you, so you can sleep more comfortably.

A Made in France mattress Having a bed base made in France

All our bedding and furnishings are made in France in our workshops in the heart of Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris’ historic furniture district.

Manufacturing in France means making a strong claim for ethical, socially responsible and ecological values.

The DNA of the workshops is based onFrench know-how   and a value chain entirely  ofFrench origin, from wool to cotton canvas to box springs.

Through our commitment to a local economy based on solidarity, we aim to participate in a virtuous circle from raw materials to consumers.

  1. For the customer’s benefit
  2. French products
  3. Raw materials from France
  4. French know-how and techniques
  5. Recognized by labels
  6. For a local economy based on solidarity

Our mattresses and box springs take full advantage of the virtues of Made in France – quality, traceability, short supply chains, maintaining local employment.

At the service of customer comfort

Being able to (proudly) explain the product down to the smallest detail is one of the first signals of quality.

This is what drives us at Le Briand to provide the best possible service to our customers.

It’s not our thing to offer a product for which we have no control over the consistency of the materials over time. The quality of raw materials is also one of the primary factors in achieving a finished product aimed at optimum comfort.

With this in mind, relying on short circuits and a French supply chain has enabled us to create a relationship of mutual trust with all our suppliers.

We work hand in hand with them to meet all customer requirements.

Customers are reassured to have as much detail as possible on the composition of their bedding, the origin of the wool and the methods used to process virgin wool.

For our part, we’re proud to be able to promote national sectors of excellence that offer raw materials for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The trust we have built up with all those involved upstream in the manufacturing process enables us to aim for optimum sleeping comfort with the best materials available in France for our customers.

Producing in France also has an impact on the intrinsic quality of the end product.

Reducing the value chain with short circuits and limiting sources of supply to a few trusted producers means reducing the risks associated with neglecting the quality of components, so important for obtaining excellent bedding.

Un Matelas & un Sommier français

When we speak of French manufacturing, we mean that the entire value chain is integrated into our hexagon.

First and foremost, our partner producers and breeders throughout France supply us with raw materials:

  • The wool comes from central France and is washed in Auvergne.
  • Cotton fabrics are woven in the Vosges.
  • The springs come from Bagnolet.
  • Flax tow comes from Seine et Marne.
  • Jute cloth is woven in Seine Maritime.

As a manufacturer of French mattresses, Les ateliers Le Briand carefully selects the materials used from the best producers and breeders in France, in line with its commitment to the development of a local economy.

So, from sheep to finished product, all stages of production are carried out in France (shearing, washing, weaving, manufacturing and distribution).

Hexagonal sourcing

Careful selection of the right materials is the key to producing a high-quality, well-crafted piece for our customers. That’s why our mattress and bedding craftsmen pay particular attention to selecting the best French producers.

The choice of suppliers is based on very specific criteria:

  • raw material quality
  • production conditions
  • respect for animals

Thanks to these shared values, we have forged strong relationships with our partners. That’s why we’ve been working with the same people for so long.

Through national (and in some cases local) sourcing, Le Briand workshops also help to revitalize our heritage by contributing to the development of wool, hemp and linen industries.

This short-distance sourcing is in line with our commitment toa circular and mutually supportive economy.

Made in Paris

All final processing has been carried out in Le Briand’s workshops in Faubourg Saint-Antoine (11th arrondissement, Paris ) since 1880.

So it’s in our region that the manufacturing processes and techniques are shaped by the hands of our quilting craftsmen.

By combating offshoring, we are preserving French know-how, the cornerstone of our national heritage, and ensuring that it is passed on to future generations.

Also for the record, after manufacture, if possible, we like to deliver the bedding with an iconic model of the French automotive industry: a Renault Prairie pick-up with a Frégate engine.

All products are designed, developed and produced in France.

When we manufacture on our own soil, we immensely reduce logistics costs and CO2 emissions. In this way, we make our own contribution to environmental challenges.

An association of benefactors

Our commitment to the national economy and to promoting local know-how has earned us the distinction of several labels and certifications:

  • Living Heritage Company (EPV) label
  • Living Treasures of Craftsmanship Trophy
  • Made in Paris label
  • Répar’acteur label

These labels certify that Le Briand establishments preserve, promote and disseminate rare know-how on a national scale.

They also guarantee a link with the local area.

Find out more about the labels and certifications obtained by Le Briand workshops.

For a local economy based on solidarity

This traditional technology offers exemplary circular economy features.

We are resisting the effects of globalization and have chosen to promote a local value chain.

All this adds up to a set of attributes conducive to the development of a green, local and circular economy:

To start changing the world, we’re convinced of the benefits of national production, based on local supply chains.

On an individual scale, this has a direct impact on the purchase price, which can be a deterrent for consumers, unless we consider the durability, comfort, adaptability, preventive properties and buying experience of such bedding.

You might be surprised, and we’re here to help you along the way!

On a collective scale, sleeping on natural, eco-friendly Le Briand bedding makes it possible to envisage a more harmonious society, thanks to much lower environmental and societal costs than by opting for other bedding options.

Creating the conditions for an ever more comfortable sleeping experience

Made to measure | In harmony with nature | Made in France