Made to measure

When traditional technology allows you to aim right the first time and make your nights even more enchanting!

Why made-to-measure

There are as many ways to create bedding as there are sleeper profiles.

Comfort first
Traditional technology for a customized approach.

Firmness to suit your taste
Firmness and support can be adjusted to suit your sleeping preferences.

100% customizable
Beyond comfort, you can personalize the style of the bedding.

On the first try
Just get it right the first time, and you’ll avoid the infernal spiral of test nights.

Accompanying you
A tailoring methodology based on advice and listening.

Off-shore at no extra cost
Move away from standard bedding without being stunned by exorbitant additional costs.

The benefits of wool help both young and old sleep better.

It was for all these qualities that wool was first used in mattresses.

And what if innovation in bedding also meant relying on the maturity of a traditional technology that has proved its worth over time.

Discover the benefits of wool for sleep.

For bedding that adapts perfectly to your needs and desires, aiming for the comfort that suits you best, so you can sleep even more comfortably.

Custom-made mattress Custom-made bed base

We are committed to customized solutions, with comfort as our top priority. Manufacturing only made-to-measure bedding is a logic focused on the consumer’s well-being.

All our beds are made to order by hand.

Manufacturing a customized product means aiming for the most precise comfort possible for an optimal sleeping experience, an essential condition for both physical and mental health.

  1. For optimum comfort
  2. To indulge your creativity
  3. Customization and price
  4. An approach that favours off-peak
  5. An antidote to trial nights
  6. Because there’s no golden rule

This approach seems to be proving its worth. It’s been the same since 1880, and our customers share their opinions with you.

We see each of our customers as unique, even if there are similarities. The customer is a human being like any other, built on a multitude of parameters, making him or her a complex individual. The same goes for choosing bedding.

Faced with this complexity, we believe that the most relevant response is the ability to adapt and adjust to the singularity of the consumer, especially for an object so important to health.

We therefore devote ourselves exclusively to custom fabrication and restoration.

A comprehensive range of products for optimum comfort

Manufacturing on demand means offering a calibrated, personalized response to each sleeper profile.

As our box springs and mattresses are made to order, each piece that leaves our workshops is specific to the expectations of its purchaser. The level of firmness can thus be adjusted millimetrically and over a very wide range.

The bedding model we make for each customer is unique to his or her measurements for optimum comfort.

The 9 comfort parameters of a bed are precisely calibrated to the needs of all ages.

We take the time to work with you upstream of production to define what’s best for you in terms of comfort.

We focus on 100% natural filling, with wool as the core material (and sometimes vegetable hair in very special cases), to guarantee comfort from the moment the mattress is laid down.

In our preparatory discussions, we work with you to define the guidelines of your project, so as to achieve the comfort you desire.

No need to worry about the firmness of the wool mattress and box spring, as it adjusts to suit you.

And it’s only when we’re convinced of the solution that we’ve worked out together that we’ll go ahead with the realization.

And that’s what Le Briand’s tailor-made approach is all about.

When expressing your needs, we can also take into account decorative parameters.

Depending on your aesthetic tastes

Beyond the comfort virtues of such an approach, you can add your own personal touch, by playing on parameters that influence the aesthetic aspect of the mattress and box spring.

  • The fabric covering the mattress
  • Box spring decor
  • Mattress finish
  • The shape
  • Etc…

In addition to our bedding fabrics, we also offer a collection of decorative fabrics in every color to satisfy your aesthetic desires.

Designing a made-to-measure mattress allows you to match your bedding to your interior decor.

Made-to-measure also means you can create a bedding piece in the style you prefer, to blend harmoniously with your interior.

We go beyond mattresses for sleeping, with the manufacture of decorative mattresses (seat, back, cushion).

Customization and price

Let’s get straight to the point. Made-to-measure is not synonymous with expensive.

The fact that our products are made to order has a definite impact on the price, since the latter includes the amount of work to be carried out by our quilters in the Paris workshops.

Having a wool mattress or box spring made to measure by the Le Briand workshops is, of course, an investment.

Shouldn’t we consider the price as such when we spend so much time in bed?

We’re not saying that our products are cheap, especially in the current economic climate.

But our prices are fair and just.

While the purchase of traditional bedding is financially harder on the budget, this effort is transformed into savings over the long term with its refurbishments and lifespan.

We want to make sure that good bedding remains accessible despite its high purchase price.

To make the most informed decision possible, we strongly recommend that you consider a custom-made mattress from the perspective of how long it will be used and its benefits for your well-being.

To give you an idea, we’ve also compared the price of use and the price of purchase, explaining why handmade, natural and French bedding can actually be competitive in terms of price, compared with other types of bedding.

Our products have extraordinary longevity, and can be remade without being thrown away, in a circular economy.

Above all, they offer comfort to prevent discomfort, which is counterproductive to restful sleep.

And that’s without counting the savings on environmental costs(with natural, eco-friendly products) and societal costs(promoting the local dynamics offered by Le Briand custom-made bedding).

The prize means defending a model that is good for the planet and for society, by consuming less but better, and reflecting our commitments.

If you’d like to break away from imposed standards

Choosing Le Briand’s hand-crafted, made-to-measure products means you don’t have to pay exorbitant prices for off-the-peg bedding.

Since we produce by the unit to meet all types of demand, our customers who wish to acquire bedding that goes beyond imposed standards are not saddled with significant additional costs.

Designing a custom-made mattress allows you to integrate perfectly with a crib, a box spring or even a bench seat that you want to update.

At a time when interior spaces in urban areas are shrinking, we’re adapting.

Made-to-measure as an antidote to trial nights

Some bedding manufacturers offering ready-to-use products, or with marginal customization possibilities, often offer trial nights as a catalyst for the purchase decision.

At Le Briand, we believe it’s better to get bedding right the first time than to have to embark on the process of trial nights with no certainty of having stumbled on the right solution and no custom design.

The players in the bedding world have understood this, and are stirring up the consumer’s fear of making a mistake (even though to err is human). And the answer is : trial nights.

It’s easier to sweep the dust under the carpet with teaser tricks, than to find a lasting solution to make it disappear for good.

So what’s the problem that drives consumers to turn to trial nights and away from a sleeping experience designed with them and for them?

The quality of the finished product? Lack of reference information on bedding? Biased advice from (re)sellers whose interests are different from those of the customer? The disappearance of traditional mattress manufacturers at the expense of the all-industrial (and their logic of profitability) who take with them their knowledge of the various bedding technologies and their involvement?

The human being is far too complex to provide an exhaustive diagnosis of the problem here. However, we have a permanent solution to avoid the need for trial nights: custom bedding.

The bedding industry is trying to make the fitting stage the norm. But let’s ask ourselves what lies behind this sales argument.

Would it make up for the intrinsic flaws of a product that would then be hard to sell?

Should the customer ask any disturbing questions, we have an easy escape route: “Try it and see! You won’t be disappointed ;-)”.

If this were the case, the (re)seller wouldn’t even need to worry about understanding the customer’s expectations and particularities. Knowledge of bedding technologies also becomes unnecessary.

But we don’t think so. Test nights cannot replace the mattress manufacturer’s knowledge of available products, which is essential for :

  • guide customers towards a bedding solution that’s right for them
  • create the climate of trust necessary for the purchasing process

Is this an attempt to force us to buy bedding that we know can be so tedious to send back, and so difficult to choose again if we’re not satisfied?

Trial nights are not the magic solution to the obstacle course through the multitude of possible bedding options, between disinterested opinions and (re)salespeople whose product knowledge is irrelevant to a given consumer.

Even a thousand and one nights of testing on a given mattress model annihilates the chance of finding more comfortable bedding elsewhere.

Of course, we have to make a decision at some point, based on the information available to us. However, the promise of trial nights shouldn’t stop us from thinking about all the other bed options, including the made-to-measure bed.

We recommend that you talk to bedding professionals who have the knowledge, experience and depth of understanding of the bed as an object.

Test nights can’t protect you from having to continue exploring beddings should the test(s) prove unsatisfactory.

With Le Briand custom bedding, there’s no such thing as zero risk. However, with a tailor-made approach, we keep risk under control as much as possible thanks to :

  • our know-how, refined over time since 1880
  • our experience and expertise with products and consumers
  • the advice and support we provide upstream of the manufacturing process
  • our knowledge of the logic of the bedding world in general

Instead of a rocky road with successive tests, handcrafted, natural, French and made-to-measure bedding is made to succeed the first time, as our (verified) customers testify.

Buying a mattress or box spring is not a succession of more or less conclusive tests.

Buying bedding relies on the trust built up between consumer and manufacturer, based on the fact that it’s right the first time. At least that’s our conviction.

Faced with the test nights, a few questions can be raised:

  • What is the return rate for bedding that has been tested for 100 nights?
  • What are the environmental consequences of making it easier to move beds back and forth across France, with all the attendant potential abuses?

The answers you’ll receive could be further reasons to turn to custom-made products.

Because there’s no golden rule

You can find golden rules on the Internet or elsewhere.

Before relying on these supposedly universal rules as compasses, take a look at the degree of subjectivity of the selection criterion the (re)seller is putting forward.

No standard specifies the conditions under which a mattress can be described as “firm”, “soft” or other.

The criteria for qualifying a mattress as firm, soft or semi-firm differ from one manufacturer to another.

The feeling you get from one manufacturer’s “semi-firm” mattress may be similar to the feeling you get from a competitor’s “soft” mattress. 

Yes, bedding must be firm and supportive. However, the degree of firmness varies from one individual to another.

For the same level of firmness, some will find it sufficiently firm, while others will find it too firm for their taste.

Firmness is a rather subjective criterion.

Yes, bedding should be soft or medium-soft. However, the feeling of welcome varies from one individual to another.

Hospitality is a rather subjective criterion, which varies from one consumer to another.

If we start relying on subjective characteristics to define the quality of bedding, this inherently demonstrates that there are no universal rules.

Another rule often put forward as a guarantee of quality bedding: longevity. This is a rather objective criterion, at least more objective than firmness and welcome.

From this angle, if a mattress has a service life of around 60 years, it’s better than a mattress with a service life of around ten years. That’s a fact.

In this field, wool mattresses have a lifespan of around 60 years with regular refurbishments, while industrially manufactured foam or latex mattresses have a lifespan of around ten years on average.

More generally, when it comes to buying a bed, a multitude of criteria come into play to reach a decision. Their weighting is different for each person. And even if some criteria tend to be more objective than others, the choice of bedding is based on fundamentals that are imbued with a large degree of subjectivity.

There is no such thing as universal, industrially duplicable bedding. And there are even fewer rules that apply 100% of the time.

Everyone is unique, especially when it comes to their sleeping space.

That’s why our conviction has remained unchanged since 1880: a bespoke approach to bed-making makes the most sense most of the time.

Our guidelines for an ever more comfortable sleeping experience

Made to measure | In harmony with nature | Made in France