Discover the products and projects created by Le Briand quilters and litter makers.

All our creations are handmade & made-to-measure, according to the structuring principles of the Le Briand workshops.

We put our know-how, experience and passion at your service.

  1. Projects for private customers
  2. Projects for professionals

With our bespoke approach to every project, our range of creations is diverse, from classic bedding to more eccentric pieces.

For private customers

We have already provided the conditions for restful sleep for many thousands of sleepers by offering noble, healthy and well-cared-for bedding that is both .

👨‍ handcrafted
♻️ fully integrated into a circular economy
♻️ recyclable
🌱 ecological
🌍 sustainable
📏 made-to-measure
✂️ customized
🇫🇷 made in France
📍 stimulating the local economy, from raw materials to delivery

Mattress | Bed Frame | Creative Mattress

Le Briand wool mattress

Le Briand Bed Frame

Le Briand Creative Mattress

Would you be the next to sleep on a cozy wool mattress so you don ‘t wake up with backache?

For professionals (B2B project)

We also work regularly on a B-to-B basis with :

  • furniture professionals and decorators for special collections
  • architects
  • hotel and accommodation professionals for hotels, B&Bs and guest houses (4 and 5-star establishments and Palaces, guest houses and specific projects).
  • designers and artistic directors showcasing natural, ecological and French bedding in all its forms
  • set designers for film and theater sets

Other projects for professionals :

Production principles

Whatever the type of customer, we make customer satisfaction our main objective.

All our bedding products are made with the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

Le Briand quilters work on both private orders and larger-scale projects for professionals in a variety of industries (cinema, architecture, hotels, etc.).