In harmony with nature

When bedding technology has never respected so well what nature has given us!

Why sleep naturally

There’s nothing more natural than a wool mattress

Comfort first
The quality of our nights also depends on sleep-disturbance-free bedding.

For an healthy sleeping environment
Sleep naturally with eco-friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials.

Harmless material
No harmful exposure to live longer in good health.

A low carbon footprint. For a strong ecological transition.

Extract and transform resources from nature without harming it.

Respect for the animal
No suffering for the moton as it retrieves its wool.

The benefits of wool help both young and old sleep better.

It was for all these qualities that wool was first used in mattresses.

And what if innovation in bedding also meant relying on the maturity of a traditional technology that has proved its worth over time.

Discover the benefits of wool for sleep.

Eco-design of bedding is not only good for the planet, it’s also good for you, so you can sleep more comfortably.

Have an ecological mattress made Have an eco-friendly box spring made

The environmental impact of our products is fully integrated into our constant reflection on manufacturing and sourcing.

By offering natural and recyclable products, we are contributing to the collective effort to :

  • developing a local economy based on solidarity
  • supporting reasonable and responsible consumption
  • limit the impact on our planet

It’s up to each of us to set an example.

Faced with consumer demands on ecological issues, our products resonate perfectly with the dimensions of sustainable development, in 4 aspects:

  1. Eco-designed finished products
  2. Natural & recyclable materials
  3. Extraordinary durability
  4. 100% natural wool
  5. A local value chain

We respond to the challenges of fairer trade.


The Le Briand workshops manufacture finished products that respect the principles of sustainable development and the environment.

Our products are handmade, made-to-measure and made in France.

Their manufacture requires very little energy:

  • The raw material (sheep’s wool) is ready to use. There’ s no need to transform it, only to clean it before making the bedding.
  • Only a few operations are mechanical. Manufacturing techniques are primarily manual. No automation.
  • The materials are worked with a concern for economy of gesture and a science of just the right amount of precision and regularity, so as not to waste time, energy and resources.
  • The production line generates no hazardous waste.

The raw materials we use are healthy, sustainable and recyclable.

These characteristics mean that our natural and French bedding products save the consumer money, with less waste generated right up to the end of the product’s life.

In the case of a wool mattress, for example, 99% of the material is reused during refurbishment. The only thing we throw away in a used mattress is dust.

Given these extraordinary virtues, it seemed logical to set up a recycling program.

Natural, eco-friendly raw materials

We use all-natural materials, with no synthetic industrial components.

  • flax
  • wool
  • cotton
  • untreated poplar wood from sustainably managed forests
  • hemp
  • horsehair

The cultivation of these materials causes little pollution and is not in danger of disappearing. On the contrary, the wool grows again and again on the sheep’s backs, following a natural cycle.

The vast majority of these materials are also recyclable. They are fully biodegradable after use.

As a result, we are fully integrated into a circular economy.

Our aim is to limit the use of industrial products.

For example, no chemical or industrial processes are required to produce sheep’s wool.

The materials used in Le Briand bedding are free from products that are toxic to human health and the environment.

The Le Briand workshops skilfully select healthy materials produced by farms that comply with strict quality criteria as well as environmental and animal comfort standards.

We work with farms where the animals are not overexploited and are fed on grass and hay with a low lambing rate.

The wool we use receives no chemical treatments before and/or after shearing, throughout the entire wool manufacturing process.

All conditions are met to offer you healthy, well-cared-for bedding.

Our materials therefore have a low impact on the environment.

Exceptional longevity

Experience, constant reflection on manufacturing techniques, meticulous selection of the best suppliers, and over a century’s know-how enable us to produce products where quality is the guiding principle.

What’s more, handmade, natural bedding can be ” refurbished ” rather than thrown away. The products return to the workshops and leave in the same condition as if they were new.

As a result, our products enjoy a long service life of up to 60 years, while retaining all their benefits.

If you think our bedding is nearing the end of its useful life, we’ve thought of everything with a recycling program to keep it going.

And who knows? A refurbishment could save the day.

The lifespan of traditional bedding contrasts with the concept of programmed obsolescence, which is widely applied to industrial products.

Sustainable sourcing with 100% natural wool

Because of the nature and proximity of our raw materials, making our natural handmade bedding is an environmentally-friendly cycle.

That’s why we choose the best materials and manufacturers.

Wool is a 100% natural and (almost) unlimited ecological resource.

It grows back naturally every year on the backs of sheep, which do very well with their shearing. The wool stock can therefore be replenished over a short period on the human time scale.

A local value chain

Our suppliers produce in France. The Le Briand workshops are located in Paris.

Materials therefore travel short distances.

Our products are sourced locally and we have full control over them.

  • Wool is collected in central France.
  • Our flax tow comes from Seine-et-Marne.
  • Our springs come from Bagnolet.
  • Our coutils are woven in the Vosges. Our jute fabric is produced in Seine-Maritime.

Our suppliers are small manufacturers with long-standing local roots.

We are therefore proud to have a supply that supports the national economy.

This creates a short circuit to the end consumer. And our customers are sensitive to these dimensions.

We are also involved in a number of initiatives to promote more local consumption, such as Près de chez vous and Wiker.

It is through all these aspects that we actively participate in the development of a local economy based on solidarity.

We want to do our bit for the world, in the right way.

To start changing that, we’re convinced of the benefits of environmentally-friendly production and sourcing.

On an individual scale, this has a direct impact on the purchase price, which can be a deterrent for consumers, unless they consider the durability, comfort, adaptability, preventive properties and buying experience of such bedding. You might be surprised, and we’re here to help you along the way!

On a collective scale, sleeping on a Le Briand box spring means a planet less impacted by human activity, thanks to much lower environmental and societal costs than opting for other bedding options.

A coherent package for an ever more comfortable sleeping experience

Made to measure | In harmony with nature | Made in France