A unique story

Our story begins in 1880.

It was in this year that the Lacoste family founded Les ateliers Le Briand.

It’s a French artisanal company.

Our history is intimately linked to Paris and its artisan fabric nestled in the historic Faubourg Saint-Antoine district.

Le Briand matelassiers and litiers specialize in the manufacture and repair of traditional, natural and French bedding.

The factory was born of the passion of the French Lacoste family.

  1. Ancestral trades
  2. Centuries of know-how
  3. A dynasty rooted in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine, Paris

The adventure of the Le Briand workshops is above all a story of transmission: of age-old techniques, knowledge and know-how from the historic Parisian craft district, handed down from generation to generation since the 19th century.

The common thread? Meticulous attention to detail for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Ancestral trades

The company was originally called “Maison Lacoste”.

Widowed and remarried, she became “Le Briand”.

The Lacoste/Le Briand dynasty has helped shape the know-how of ancestral crafts:

The manufacture and restoration of handmade, sustainable and ecological bedding is the fruit of a long tradition.

Our expertise in the manufacture and refurbishment of traditional bedding has been built up over more than 100 years.

French mattress-maker | founders of the Le Briand company

Know-how handed down from father to son

At Le Briand, know-how, techniques and experience were handed down from generation to generation until 1999, when Jacques Le Briand retired.

In 1999, Patrice Sébille took over the workshops to continue the tradition.

The workshops are among the last French craftsmen specializing in traditional bedding.

French traditional bedding craftsmen | artisan bedding & mattress makers in Paris

Interview with Patrice Sébille on the know-how, techniques and values of the workshops

Le Briand and Faubourg Saint-Antoine workshops

Historically, the quilting trade was an itinerant activity, carried out by a couple, husband and wife sharing the tasks.

At the end of the 19th century, the Le Briand workshops settled in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine district (11th arrondissement of Paris).

The first Lacoste/Le Briand workshops were located on rue Moreau, in the 12th arrondissement of Paris.

In the early 1950s, they moved to the heart of Paris’s historic craft district, to a street aptly named Cité de l’Ameublement.

Maison Le Briand is part of the rich fabric of furniture craftsmen who have made the reputation of the Faubourg Saint-Antoine in Paris since the 19th century.

A wide range of furniture-related expertise abounds:

  • cabinetmaking
  • tapestry
  • quilting/littering

The outstanding addresses of Le Briand workshops bear witness to their deep roots in the faubourg:

Today, we’re still part of this tradition, based on the intelligence of wool and traditional technology.

We are dedicated exclusively to the custom manufacture or restoration of wool mattresses, box springs and headboards, as well as benches, daybeds, floor mattresses and more.

In this way, we offer all our customers the best possible comfort, since each piece that leaves our workshops is adapted to the specific needs and desires of each customer.