Why Le Briand wool mattress?

For a matchless sleeping experience

The Le Briand wool mattress has it all. All its qualities and benefits are at the service of optimum sleep, so important for good health.

We’ve been making it since 1880, and we’re proud to offer a mattress designed with one thing in mind: to sleep ever more comfortably.

All the reasons to sleep on a Le Briand Wool Mattress

Sleeping confort first

The mattress adapts to your sleeping profile, not the other way around. Hand-crafted, made-to-measure manufacturing allows us to aim for the greatest possible granularity in the sleeping experience.

Benefiting the extraordinary powers of wool

Wool provides both support and softness. It also keeps you drier than any other fiber. Your bed will feel warm in winter and cool in summer.

A long-term investment

While the financial impact of buying an old wool mattress can be hard on the budget, in the long term this effort is transformed into savings.

With comfort in mind

Everything is in place for quality sleep: it has to be restorative.

Establishing a sleeping experience based on your comfort preferences is what we’re all about.

100% comfort
Its design focuses on the sleeping comfort that suits you best.

Infinitely adjustable
Each has its own preference for firmness, welcome and support. So we adapt.

Firm & soft at the same time
Let’s aim for a balance between the firmness you desire and a soft welcome.

Always soft
Whatever the firmness, the welcome is always soft.

Maintained back
It supports your spine and adapts to your body shape.

Shape memory
It adjusts to comfortably fit all sleeping positions.

Sleeping independence
You sleep with as little disturbance as possible.

Homogenous contact
It minimizes pressure points, which are evenly distributed over the body.

Highly resistant
It lasts under pressure without sagging or losing its firmness.

A sheep’s wool mattress creates the conditions for a cozy, restful sleep.

The comfort of a Le Briand mattress also depends on 2 other dimensions:

  • the nature of the filling, in other words, the care and experience of the mattress manufacturer in choosing the best possible materials for restful sleep.
  • the way in which the upholstery is fitted, i.e. the mattress manufacturer’s requirement for a mattress solution that suits the customer.

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Materials for comfort

The objective virtues of wool benefit mattress comfort.

Insulating power
Enveloping effect of the mattress to protect against adverse external conditions.

Regulating power
Tempering the body temperature to be neither hot nor cold, summer or winter.

Do not develop allergies or other irritations on contact.

Antibacterial properties
Antibacterial effect to prevent the development of all types of bacteria.

Remanence qualities
You move, and the padding moves with you for the benefit of your back.

Staying dry
Natural breathability to wick away moisture from perspiration.

The benefits of wool help both young and old sleep better.

Our quilts are imbued with a concern for an optimum sleep experience.

Materials for a healthy space

Another necessary condition for our well-being is to create a toxicity-free environment for an everyday object where we spend more than a third of our lives.

Organic matter
Toxic-free air to nourish the body at rest.

A healthy environment
Clean up your sleeping space by minimizing indoor pollution.

Anti-humidity power
Get rid of as much moisture as possible to feel dry, summer and winter alike.

Wool thus helps to create a resting space that is free from elements detrimental to sleep quality.

Many have already approved the idea of lying down on a healthy, cozy, enveloping mattress, conducive to optimum sleep.

Support tailored to your needs

Take advantage of over 30 years of practice, experience and knowledge from Le Briand mattress manufacturers.

Accompanied sailing
Provide technical support to customers according to their needs.

Know when the right bedding solution is not a sheep’s wool mattress.

Taking the time
Take your time until you’re sure of what you want.

There’s an inclusive dimension to the wool mattress that we strive to reflect in an empathetic approach in all interactions with you to support you (not impose a bedding option on you without understanding your need).

Other, more subjective dimensions are also part of the pleasure of choosing a box spring mattress.


The Le Briand mattress can be customized down to the smallest detail to create a mattress that reflects your image.

Breaking with standards
Responding to even the most specific requests.

Guide you
Help you get off the beaten track with peace of mind.

At no extra cost
Break away from standard mattresses without blowing your budget.

Everything (or almost everything) can be customized, thanks to our made-to-measure, one-off production method for an original, traditional and exceptional finish.

These are more or less decisive criteria, depending on your needs and desires. But as an added bonus, it’s an extra touch of soul when it comes to the act of buying.

A product enhanced by time

An accumulation of experience through successive generations of craftsmen.

Shaped by time
Our know-how has evolved towards ever greater precision, care and consistency.

It has proven itself
The experience of time spent (re)centering on the essential, without artifice.

Learning from the past
And what if innovation also meant drawing on the maturity of a well-honed heritage?

Standing the test of time

This mattress is the continuation of a centuries-old tradition.

Sheep’s wool mattress stands the test of time.

Century-old house
Since 1880, over 200,000 sleepers have trusted us with their mattresses.

Materials science
We’ve been working with the same suppliers for over 30 years.

Noble materials
Transparent composition with a simple supply chain.

More down-to-earth considerations

50+ years of longevity
An object so important to life becomes your companion for life.

The price is forgotten...
…quality remains to prevent any problems arising from faulty bedding.

The right price
Fewer intermediaries and better remuneration upstream of production.

Reasonably priced
Put the purchase price into perspective with its longevity and lasting qualities.

Easy to use
It is antistatic, low in dirt and easy to clean. And no summer/winter sides.

He's remaking himself
The mattress’ strengths are reactivated by regular refurbishments.

It's not disposable
This makes it an economical option, with no need to buy a new one if it’s worn out.

Adjustable along the way
If your preferences change, adjustments can be made with each refurbishment.

Fire-retardant properties
Thanks to the keratin in the fibre, the wool is naturally one of the most flame-resistant fibres in existence (M3 standard). It doesn’t melt or emit fumes.

Beyond comfort considerations, choosing a Le Briand box spring mattress means taking part in environmental and social issues.

Environmental considerations

Good for the 🌎.

The Le Briand sheep’s wool mattress is designed in harmony with nature. It’s an ecological mattress.

99% of the materials used in mattress manufacture can be recycled.

Carbon footprint
Its carbon footprint is relatively low throughout its life cycle.

In tune with nature
Everything is organic, even shearing sheep is necessary for their well-being.

It’s one piece of the puzzle in addressing environmental issues.

Societal considerations

Let’s team up to change the bedding industry by making it more circular, more local, more responsible and more supportive.

Long live the circular economy
(Almost) nothing is wasted and a minimum of energy is used in its manufacture.

Long live the national economy
Manufacturing in France is good for everyone. You’ll also reap the rewards.

A responsible economy
A manufacturing philosophy based on respect for the environment.

Solidarity economy
It enables us to improve quality and traceability, and thus the price of wool for breeders.

Fair trade
Everyone benefits, even the producers and wool spinners further down the chain.

<s>Obscelescence programmée</s>
The benefits of wool last, so you never have to buy another one.

It’s a virtuous circle that looks to the future, from those who make Le Briand wool mattress possible, to those who sleep on them.

We can imagine and manufacture entirely in France an object so essential to a balanced life, while weaving a true, local and authentic link between our workshops and our customers committed to ethical consumption.

We offer an alternative that represents an opportunity to reinvent :

  • our relationship with consumption
  • our relationship with things
  • our relationship with nature
  • our relationship with locality

These are just a few highlights to give you an idea of the qualities and benefits of the Le Briand wool mattress, without even denigrating the other mattress options.

After all, it takes all kinds to make a world. Let’s try, as far as possible, to pull it up through our individual choices.

Despite its drawbacks (of course there are some, perfection doesn’t exist), the Matelas en Laine Le Briand has a lot going for it.

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